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FAIRE is the first accelerator for innovative urban design and architecture projects. FAIRE boosts urban projects and innovative architecture which ask, explore, disrupt the design and fabrication process of the city.
Intended for emerging and experienced architects who are involved in research, as well as for architecture students, the purpose of FAIRE is to be a driver for flourishing experimental architectural and urban practices.
FAIRE is lunched by the Pavillon de l'Arsenal and the City of Paris, with the support of the Ile-de-France Architects’ Association, the French ENSA architecture schools, industrial or real-estate figures and new economy players.
FAIRE supports and promotes the execution of full-scale prototypes within the framework of the Grand Paris project, assists and promotes applied research, promotes the use of new techniques, materials and building programs, and helps the execution of experimental constructions.

January 26, 2017


FAIRE platform opening

The Pavillon de l'Arsenal launch with the City of Paris FAIRE, Factory of Architecture Innovation, Research and Experimentation.

January 26 - March 13, 2017

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Before March 13, 2017

Prototype construction, applied research projects, tactical urban planning, new techniques or experimental approaches, innovative buildings…
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January 26, 2017


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Participate to this first session and send us your project before March 13, 2017!
A jury made up of members of the team and FAIRE partners will assesse the projects and chooses the best ones for further presentation.

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Your project ?

Do you want to test an innovation? Find new ways of building? Develop a research project? Invent new programs? Come and join FAIRE!

Send us your projects before march 13, 2017


FAIRE supports the development of full-scale, experimental, ephemeral architecture projects in the greater Paris area. These pop-up architectures explore design processes, new usages, and urban, construction, environmental, technological and social innovations.+


Developing pop-up architectures

FAIRE is the contracting authority for the prototypes. It also provides support to designers throughout the creation, construction and dismantling phases.

(Illustration) Circular pavilion, temporary construction made with recycled materials for the COP21, October 2015, in front of the Hôtel de Ville, Paris 4, Encore Heureux, architects, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, contracting authority

Fostering innovation

FAIRE experiments with temporary constructions in all types of public or private spaces in Paris – public squares, streets, parks, gardens, roofs, construction sites – that interact with everyone and incite their curiosity.

(Illustration) Inflatable pavilion, temporary exhibit space, October 2014, Paris Batignolles, Paris 17th arr., Hans-Walter Muller, architect, Pavillon de l’Arsenal and Paris Batignolles Aménagment, contracting authorities

Experimenting on site

FAIRE selects and and provides support to original architecture projects that contain many forms of urban, construction, environmental, technological and social innovation, and that reinvent design techniques, usages, and practices through these pop-up architectures.

(Illustration) Temporary playground, making sports an urban phenomenon, May 2014, Paris 4th arr., NP2F, architects, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, contracting authority


Promoting experimentation

FAIRE uses the Grand Paris project as a focal point for research and experimentation for architecture students.

FAIRE selects and supports the most ambitious project proposals submitted by architecture students.

FAIRE promotes all of the projects selected within the framework of the program, through real and virtual exhibits, communications and publications.


FAIRE offers a full program of experimentation, workshops, hackathons and competitions reserved to architecture students.+


Fostering applied research

FAIRE supports studies carried out by teams of architects, whether recent graduates or seasoned professionals, who are developing innovative approaches to architecture and urban planning.

FAIRE fosters the conducting of research, analysis and experimentation that provides new, concrete perspectives on developing the cities of tomorrow. 


FAIRE fosters the conducting of applied research projects that examine innovative architectural and urban approaches and which develop strategies for tactical urban planning.+


FAIRE provides support to experiments in construction that question traditional construction techniques through innovative programming and usages, new construction systems, and alternative modes of production and design.+


Exploring innovative systems

FAIRE is a program that “challenges” current construction techniques.
FAIRE also explores new construction systems and modes of production such as reuse, zero waste construction, organic materials, BIM, and combinations of materials.

FAIRE provides support to design teams, helping professionals assess the feasibility of their projects.


FAIRE is a platform for sharing, communication, and exchange among city actors.+



February 15, 2017 at 7:00pm at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal
How about we get together? Do you have questions before you submit your project? Would you like to to meet other actors and project leaders? Then come and join us at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal for our first APEROFAIRE!

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