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2 rooms

Grau architects

2 rooms " 2 rooms " is based on an idea for housing, within the Grand Paris of the 21st Century, to house all ages and all socio-professional categories.

" 2 rooms " is based on an idea for housing, within the Grand Paris of the 21st Century, to house all ages and all socio-professional categories.

GRAU is particularly dedicated to problems linked to housing. Every day, GRAU works and advises private and public operators on residential products, adapted to their particular context. They also experiment with residential typologies, proposed in the form of operational projects. FAIRE is the opportunity for them to seek partners to continue this research and further the application to a residential typology that they feel is adapted to the Parisian Metropolis: hence, 2 rooms.

2 rooms is based on an idea for housing, within the Grand Paris of the 21st Century, for all ages and socio-professional categories: young single people, newly single people, couples, the elderly... Several big cities, like New York, are currently taking on the challenge to increase the availability of smaller housing, by creating equipped studios.

This typology helps answer the lack of housing in the metropolis, but according to GRAU, it does not entirely anticipate the impact of changes in lifestyle on the structure of housing: the presence of a more stay-at-home, ageing inner-city population, an increase in individual company owners and people working from home, new cohabitations... The composition of households evolves constantly and the needs linked to housing change, but the economy doesn’t necessarily follow suit. Metropolitan housing of the future has to reconcile economic and spatial constraints (small inner-city housing) and societal aspects linked to evolving lifestyles.

To answer this challenge, GRAU proposes the construction of a building constituted of 2-roomed apartments, a highly sought-after typology in Paris. It lies between the often-too-small studio and a 3-roomed apartment, that is often too expensive and inaccessible for the majority of the population. This building explores new lifestyles through the systematic proposal of 2-roomed apartments.

1. A product for everyone
2 rooms as a product having the capacity to welcome a highly varied public: young active people, couples, students, the elderly, single people...

2. A product for several uses
2 rooms, no longer simply a classic apartment (entrance, corridor, rooms) but having a spatial, economic and expandable potential: two volumes, one door.

2 rooms is potentially:
  • A living room and one other room
  • One room per person
  • A living room and a work space 

3. A united product
Several 2-roomed apartments together gather a large number of people within the same structure, creating more opportunities for social links. With the emergence of new services, which enable the outsourcing of certain functions traditionally integrated inside the housing, (storage, washing) various additional rooms can be shared (store room, D.I.Y. room, a common area, service room). This research only makes sense for GRAU if it can be built within the context of the Parisian metropolis. This is why they are looking for a real estate partner, open to pursuing the research and implementing it with them.

Project carried out by GRAU, Susanne Eliasson & Anthony Jammes

Good Reasons to Afford Urbanism is a creative agency active in the field of town planning and architecture. They offer their services in urban and architectural strategy from beginning to end, for customers who wish to create quality urban environments.


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