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FAIRE 2019

This is not a Door

AAVP architecture, Vincent Parreira / Mobius / Lab-ingenierie

©Thomas Sindicas A model for employment and training through the reuse of materials

A model for employment and training through the reuse of materials

Combining a large worksite, re-employment, reintegration, and design may not seem like the coolest thing to do this summer, but it is about doing something, and that’s what FAIRE means, literally and figuratively. Innovation in this case means producing a desirable, reproducible model that uses existing materials and which allows men and women to regain employment and re-build their lives.
Grand Paris work sites represent a goldmine of materials. Saint-Vincent de Paul (Paris, 14th arrondissement) and its 1,200 doors constitute one such resource, among many.

The process involves selecting doors from the site, removing them with the help of the Deconstruction Office of the ZAC mixed development zone on behalf of the department of Paris & Métropole Aménagement, taking them to Mobius’ workshops in Rosny-sous-Bois, and transforming them according to the designs of the architecture firm of Vincent Parreira. The work will be performed by men and women recruited by the non-profit ARES. The team will finance the project through crowdfunding, and then by selling the finished products at cost to community organizations, private parties, and also by submitting bids in public tenders.  

Saving materials, helping people, making exceptional furniture, and creating a viable economic model that is not about consumption, that is philanthropic, and community-oriented: this is what FAIRE is about!
Vincent Parreira & Marie Brodin, architects and designers

Noé Basch & Aurélien Furet, removal, transport, and transformation of the doors

Noé Basch, accountant specializing in the economics of material, energy, and carbon resources

Mathilde Karmin, recruiter of individuals eligible for reintegration for the transformation of the doors 

Pierre Jallet, chief planner of the ZAC Saint-Vincent-de-Paul mixed development zone, availability of the doors.

The organization created by AAVP, MOBIUS, and ARES will lead all phases of the project.


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