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Future scenarios

Cyrus Ardalan, Ophélie Dozat, Lucien Dumas

Ninety-six scenarios using windows as a project device to invent new lifestyles

Ninety-six scenarios using windows as a project device to invent new lifestyles

“A tenor sings an aria from his apartment window, rounds of clapping at 8 p.m., a DJ gives a balcony concert, calisthenics with the neighbours, or even a simple nap in the sun — windows have gradually started embodying both individual forms of escapism and collective belonging during the lock-down. Functional diversion is increasingly recreational and windows are now a visible sign of interaction with the external environment, going well beyond their initial purpose as a source of light and ventilation. Windows, just like frames, have indeed become a space for narratives ‘through which history can be seen as a whole’ (Daniel Arrasse, 2004). The individual as the narrator of this new twenty-first century historia, of which he himself is a motionless onlooker, then establishes the conditions for this spatial transformation between the interior space of the dwelling and the exterior space of the street. How can a framework that is already traced out now be appropriated? In what ways can additional square metres be taken over? And how else can we take care of ourselves when we are fated to be confined at home? Windows can be viewed as a project device that makes it possible to invent new lifestyles and thus become the constructive tool for inhabiting the city differently.” - Cyrus Ardalan, Ophélie Dozat, Lucien Dumas
Project by Cyrus Ardalan, Ophélie Dozat, Lucien Dumas

Architect Cyrus Ardalan graduated from the École d’architecture de Versailles (hmonp) with an early specialization in 3D modelling and CNC machine parametrization applied to architecture. He combines his research with his passion for restoring classic cars and builds systems and processes intended to perform an innovative or existing function through alternative means.

Ophélie Dozat is an architect-researcher. She graduated from the École d’architecture de Versailles (hmonp) and from EHESS and is currently pursuing a practice-led PhD within the Paris Seine Graduate School on Humanities, Creation and Heritage. Entitled “Productive landscapes: rethinking the architecture of the territory”, her thesis examines the spatial planning of our evolving territories through the scales of architecture and materials.

Lucien Dumas is an architect and cabinetmaker. After graduating from École d’architecture de Versailles (hmonp) and being trained at École Boulle, he created MATANG, a workshop midway between architecture and furniture, in 2020.

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