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Parisian Part-time

Researching non-speculative solutions for the accommodation of commuters

Researching non-speculative solutions for the accommodation of commuters

“The health crisis that we are currently experiencing will probably impact a number of residents of Paris as the cramped living spaces will lead them to question their future living environment, closer to nature and further away from the sky-high property prices of the French capital. This change of perception opens up new life trajectories, without breaking the bond with Paris however. The development of teleworking and the efficiency of transport infrastructures indeed make it possible to live one’s life balancing between calling home somewhere else in the country while having one’s work in the capital city.

There is currently no housing solution that is really suitable for these intermittent residents. Paris must now anticipate these new hybrid lifestyles that contribute to rebalancing the relation between the metropolis and its hinterland.

‘Part-Time Parisiens’ plans to offer affordable, regular and non-speculative solutions for these commuter residents, as an alternative to temporary accommodation (hotels and Airbnb), by recycling unused rental resources such as uninhabited service rooms, empty offices, or hotel establishments that have been weakened by the lock-down.

A new type of residential lease is proposed, no longer focused on sharing a given space (flatshares) but on sharing the time during which that space is allocated (timeshare), thus allowing the rent to be divided into the number of nights spent at a fixed address. New sociabilities and new spatial qualities will emerge from these housing units that are shared across the time dimension.” - MAJMA

Project by MAJMA

Majma is an architecture and urban planning practice based in Paris and founded by Martin Jaubert and Antoine Maitre in 2015. The firm proudly asserts the cross-cutting vision underlying its practice, which questions the soundness and the ambition of architectural programmes within their environment, where architecture, landscape and territory are understood with equivalent dexterity.


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