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Clément Willemin, WALD

  Prototyping a porous and seeping wall prefiltering and regulating certain forms of residential wastewater

Prototyping a porous and seeping wall prefiltering and regulating certain forms of residential wastewater

“WALL is a filtering wall, a vertical irrigation, a living, porous and seeping surface that prefilters and regulates household wastewater (specifically greywater from the shower, sinks, washing machine and so on) while also providing a natural form of urban air conditioning.

WALL offers a combined answer to the two main issues of our time: biodiversity and climate.
WALL is a porous concrete slab with perforations that put to use the surface tension of the water to diffuse it over the entire filtering device. Porous concrete contains up to 30% of empty space. For microvegetation to develop there, all that is required is a constant supply of water, plus a dash of organic matter.

In your new home, get used to the idea that domestic wastewater is returned directly to the exterior walls. To fully benefit from the cooling effect of the irrigated facade, and to allow a microfauna to develop there under your windows, just avoid emptying used motor oil in your bathtub, use less washing powder and dishwashing liquid, and switch to organic shampoos.” - WALD
Project by Clément Willemin

Clément Willemin  is a landscape architect, urban planner and designer. After having founded and directed BASE for twenty years, he founded his current studio, Wald Willemin Architecture Landscape Design, in 2020. He already has had a project selected for FAIRE in 2017:  a floating environmentally-friendly swimming pool that is now patented. His WALL project is derived from his architectural diploma, obtained in 2019.

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