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FAIRE 2022

The city in concert—transforming Parisian residential buildings through pooling

Anyoji Beltrando, Lab Cheuvreux, National Association of Co-Ownership Property Managers

Operational guide for the 90,000 multi-dwelling units and 47,000 co-ownership properties in Paris aiming to empower them to act collectively by pooling resources and needs between neighboring units.

Operational guide for the 90,000 multi-dwelling units and 47,000 co-ownership properties in Paris aiming to empower them to act collectively by pooling resources and needs between neighboring units.


“Is it possible to transform the heart of an urban block made up of small mineral courtyards into a shared cool garden? Can we make use of surplus surface area in a co-ownership property to create the bicycle room that’s lacking in the neighboring co-ownership property? Is sharing the investment and energy generated related to solar panels between two neighboring buildings possible?

These issues related to adapting buildings to contemporary lifestyles and improving the living environment come up on a daily basis in the Parisian construction and real estate sectors and for the users of the 90,000 multi-dwelling units of Paris. Often, they could simply be solved by thinking collectively—not at the scale of the property unit, but at the scale of the urban block. Common sense nevertheless often bumps into a major impediment—property lines.

The team’s guiding principle is to transform what is already in place and think in collective terms with an aim to improve the living environment of Parisians.

We believe that the living environment of Parisians can be considerably improved by pooling resources and requirements between various plots and buildings. The aim of the study is to develop a how-to guide so that such pooling can occur between existing buildings, and to happen unattended, ‘out in the wild’ as it were.

By mobilizing the various skills of the team, and thanks to the collaboration of targeted partners, the study will help clarify the conditions for the implementation and funding of these pooling opportunities.

This study will combine:
- an experimental trial based on field work on a limited number of urban blocks
- the production of methodological tools that will become operational resources to enable fast action, disseminated in the form of a guide compiling dedicated action sheets.
- widespread and accessible distribution aimed at educating professionals and private individuals thanks to a web page, short videos, and a conference/debate.”


The team shares reflections and cross-references on urban transformations and has pooled its skills to address transversally the issue of property boundaries.

Anyoji Beltrando Agency, architecture and urban planning
Anyoji Beltrando is an architectural and urban planning firm founded in 2011. It develops a multiscalar approach and carries open and evolving projects around the recycling and mutation of constituted territories.
The agency is represented by Yannick Beltrando, Pierre Mangematin, Aude Robert and Margaux Cazals for this project.

LAB Cheuvreux, research and legal advice
L’Étude CHEUVREUX, founded 40 years ago, is involved in all areas of notarial practice, particularly in the area of city building. If the drafting of deeds constitutes the foundations of its know-how, it has made advice and research development the cornerstone of its activity.
Michèle Raunet and LAB Cheuvreux are carrying out this project within the CHEUVREUX firm.

National Association of Condominium Managers
The ANGC is an association under the French law of 1901 created in 2017, which aims to promote and represent the profession of condominium manager. It carries a pragmatic and innovative vision of condominium management, at the crossroads of the challenges related to collective housing in the coming years.
Sylvain Delesalle, general manager of MySyndic, and Antoine Guivarch, Head of the Condominium Service of the Cabinet OGIM, are the members of the national office of the ANGC who carry the reflection for this project.