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Match—Marie Dellès & Charles Derilleux-Bès

Research and testing into solutions aimed at overhauling market stall structures in order to provide a complementary shading solution during heatwaves.

Research and testing into solutions aimed at overhauling market stall structures in order to provide a complementary shading solution during heatwaves.


“During the increasingly frequent heatwaves, the Parisian public space is affected by the heat island effect and summer outings and soft mobilities become uncomfortable under the scorching heat.
There are 72 open-air markets in the city of Paris, set up on the asphalted surfaces of squares, boulevard medians, and sidewalks. These impervious surfaces absorb the most radiant heat from the sun and have a direct impact on the urban heat island effect.

The plant cover available in some market locations is by no means universal, and the planting of new trees isn’t always possible due to the very dense underground networks.

In Paris, open-air markets only come to life two half-days per week. The rest of the time, these structures are disassembled and the securing clamps that are set in the ground for their assembly remain unexploited. They might also remain in place, creating unnecessary clutter on the thoroughfares and a feeling of crampedness when circulating under the canopies.

‘Ombrage (Shading)’ aims to reinterpret the current structural fabric of open-air markets in order to provide a complementary solution to the warming weather and to expand their functionality.

A new form of urban furniture fits into the layout traced on the ground by the existing fittings and can be adapted to different situations thanks to their height-adjustable frames. On market days, they are kept down, offering a shelter from the cold and against downpours. During heatwaves, they can be lifted up in order to improve the airflow and can also be tilted based on the orientation of the site in which it is placed to create new shaded areas.

This new urban furniture generates a linear architecture, offering new itineraries to move around, and new spaces in order to extend terraces, interact, gather, or perform in the shade.

The aesthetics of the new market marquees are intended to fit in with the catalog of the urban furniture of Paris, contributing to the overall harmony of the city and is meant to become a readily identifiable feature of the city.”

Match is an architectural firm founded in 2020 in Paris by Marie Dellès and Charles Derilleux-Bès.

The agency is committed to responding to the challenges of our contemporary society by seeking to develop a pragmatic architecture, which tends to do more with less. This approach leads on the one hand to the search for a constructive rationality, where each element, each device, finds its place and its accuracy. On the other hand, it leads to the design of places capable of going beyond their primary function, to see subsidiary uses emerge.