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FAIRE 2022

Building shade

Jasmine Kenniche Le Nouëne & Gaël Le Nouëne

Research on the features and aesthetics required to strengthen the presence of shade in the city.

Research on the features and aesthetics required to strengthen the presence of shade in the city.


“Based on the scientific findings indicating that our cities will experience warmer weather, it is critical that, as architects and residents of the city of Paris, we reflect on the features that could provide heat-proofing and bring coolness to the city without resorting to energy-intensive technical contrivances.

The aim of this project is to summon the most elementary approaches and determine how shade can fit into everyday urban life. Just like natural light, shade is a universal right. It also contributes to climatic comfort. Light travels in the absence of matter, while shade exists due to the presence of matter. It is the result of the confrontation of light with a plane or mass. The physical element that enables the very existence of shade can be horizontal, vertical or oblique, opaque or open-worked, thin or thick, though it is necessarily differentiated and located at a distance from the ground in order for it to project any useful shade.

Shade is also intimately connected to the presence of trees. However, in Paris, and due to the heavy presence of infrastructure, plantations don’t always allow for continuously shaded pathways. Therefore, how can the need for shade be introduced into a given cityscape, landscape and architecture? What are the architectural types that are conducive to shade? What are the key characteristics of the devices that must be considered?”

Jasmine Kenniche Le Nouëne and Gaël Le Nouëne practice architecture in two separate agencies (JKLN I O-S). Their activity is centered on the process of conception of a project and the act of building in the framework of public projects.

Jasmine Kenniche Le Nouëne, architect, founder of JKLN architect, workshop and architectural research laboratory since 2014, graduated of ENSA Paris-Belleville (Architect DEHMONP) and ENSP Versailles (Master's degree in research on the landscape project approach) in 2010. She currently teaches architectural design at UCL - Loci Tournai, BE.

Gaël Le Nouëne, architect co-founder of O-S architectes since 2007. He graduated from ENSA Paris-Belleville (Architect DPLG) in 2004.

This collaboration testifies to a shared interest in research through the architectural project and the evolution of urban models.