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FAIRE 2021

Revealing the colors of the ground of Greater Paris

Lucie Ponard, designer

Manufacturing enamels from the soil of Greater Paris

Manufacturing enamels from the soil of Greater Paris


The Grand Paris Express suburban railway and the 2024 Olympics will result in increasing construction and therefore more waste. The construction waste from the projects of the Greater Paris could be recovered to create the glazing for ceramic tiles—both inert waste (pieces of ceramic, roof tiles, slate, and glass) and some kinds of non-hazardous waste (metals, slag). Some of them, rich in iron oxides, could be used as pigments, others could serve to replace basic constituents of the glazing.

Another major challenge for the Île-de-France region concerns excavated earth, especially those generated by the Grand Paris Express. They are currently mostly stored away or buried when they could be considered a resource. Excavated earth can be reused to manufacture the pottery tile, or incorporated in the glazing. Different kinds of earth, containing a variety of minerals, will influence the color of the glaze, generating palettes with deep colors that are fully rooted in the Île-de-France region.

The intended outcome would be the manufacturing of enameled ceramic tiles, primarily locally sourced, that tell a story. This would help ease congestion in disposal sites and curb the extraction of the resources required to produce ceramic tiles from virgin materials. Through the presence of ceramic tiles manufactured from rubble, the new building would bear the mark of its past.

Lucie Ponard
Lucie Ponard is a product designer and materials designer who graduated from École Duperré and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts The Hague. She works in the field of circular design and eco-design, liaising with a geologist and professor at TU Delft, Pr. Karl-Heinz Wolf, who shares the same interest in research around colored glass.


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