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FAIRE 2021


Nathanaël Abeille, designer

Devices to bring sunlight into “poorly exposed” dwellings thanks to reflectors installed in “well exposed” locations

Devices to bring sunlight into “poorly exposed” dwellings thanks to reflectors installed in “well exposed” locations


Bring sunlight into “poorly exposed” dwellings 
This project builds on a first experiment undertaken for an exhibition held at Pavillon de l’Arsenal. A mirror was installed in a bell tower on the other side of Boulevard Henri IV so that, when the sun was shining, sunrays were reflected into a north-facing window of the Pavillon.

This experience demonstrated the use of solar energy for daytime lights. For FAIRE, the project strives to bring sunlight into “poorly exposed” dwellings thanks to reflectors installed in “well exposed” locations.

This form of daytime illumination has invaluable advantages linked to the versatility of sunlight, which is a form of light that reflects the weather, time, and season. This design could very well be considered “cosmic,” as it relates directly to what happens above the rooftops of Paris. In other words, it is a design that connects to the sky.

In this project, indoor lighting is directly supplied by the sun. This way of operating aligns with the current climate emergency. Also, if there were a right for city dwellers to receive sunlight in their dwellings when the sun is shining, then this proposal would serve that right. After all, daylight is conducive to the well-being of all of us.

The proposal could be deployed across a variety of Parisian sites. Just like with the small bell tower mentioned previously, reflectors will be installed to redirect sunlight towards five dwellings that don’t receive any. An initial observation phase will help fine-tune these five reflective devices over four seasons. Later, a second phase will confirm the durability of the system over three full years. A documentary series will be produced over the whole duration, and will serve as an instructional manual once released.

Nathanaël Abeille

The 35 year old designer lives on the Frioul Archipelago and works in Marseille.
He mostly manufactures reflectors and favors installing durable devices of an often rudimentary technicality.

Through applied thinking, he rectifies two axioms—the immutable sun path diagram and the untouchable architectonics of our cities—as the sun can now stream in from a fully north-facing window. The lighting efficiency of his interventions is treated as diligently as their decorative impact.


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