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FAIRE 2021

Journal de Brou

Studio d’écoutes rurales – Léa Devaux and Rouba Daham, architects

Action research for alternative territorial planning in a rural setting conducted on and with the municipality of Brou, in Eure-et-Loir

Action research for alternative territorial planning in a rural setting conducted on and with the municipality of Brou, in Eure-et-Loir


Journal de France is a spatial planning study that falls within a rural context, and, more specifically, is at the heart of the ecological and demographic crises. Studio d’écoutes rurales wishes to consider the possible ecological transition of territories with FAIRE by undertaking the study of cities and rural areas from a fresh perspective.

The numerous existing schemes—local urban planning (PLU), flows of consumer goods, municipal groupings, reparcelling, etc.—turn out to be an inconvenience for hybrid projects that are attuned to their territory and users. The similitude of the states observed throughout the territory then leads us to consider that something must be done to catalog these schemes, and incites pilot projects.

In the continuation of their graduate work on the municipality of Brou, a small village of 3,000 in the heart of the agricultural Beauce region, the members of Studio d’écoutes rurales wish to uphold four general principles for their study:
- Temporal mapping of the territory (in plan view and sections)
- Mapping of locations in neighborhoods, rather than in cities with well defined and non-communicating borders
- Mapping of existing programs—those of the local residents, those of the municipality, of the future, of the productive Journal de France
- Timeline of a delivered, yet unfinished, project, based on the existing commission.

Within the context of the FAIRE call for projects, their research thus strives to establish a new way of reading and researching the territory thanks to a new strategy for spatial planning that is more attuned to territories, production assets, and the relationships between systems. It will be published as journals, with its four mappings appearing as annexes, as well as a certain number of manifesto posters edited and disseminated on a large scale. These are indeed commonplace media in rural contexts and will help us disseminate their research throughout the territory, but also in Paris.

Studio d’écoutes rurales
Rouba Daham, architect (HMONP)
Léa Devaux, architect (DEA)
With the support of the municipality of Brou (Eure-et-Loir) and supervised on a weekly basis by Vincent Laureau, architect and lecturer at ENSAPVS / researcher at CRH – LAVUE and Édith Akiki, climate, energy, and ecological transition engineer / lecturer at ENSAPVS & joint manager of the TRIBU engineering consultancy