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FAIRE 2021


Baptiste Lanaspeze, Marion Schnorf, Nicola Delon, Paul-Hervé Lavessière, Nicolas Détrie

Participatory workshops in urban prospective thinking in Paris, Marseille, Caen, and Angoulême

Participatory workshops in urban prospective thinking in Paris, Marseille, Caen, and Angoulême


Meeting and presentation of the project's progress by Nicola Delon, Encore Heureux Architectes & Nicolas Détrie, Yes We Camp at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, on the occasion of the FAIRE CLUB on Monday November 7, 2022.


Future kit: a grassroots tool for ecological prospective thinking

What could our cities and countryside look like in 2050? Will the entire planet be urbanized—or will cities have simply disappeared?

The ongoing ecological disaster is depriving us of the foreseeable future on which we built our world, and challenges us to reinvent the way our economies and societies are organized.

There are many possible scenarios, however, they are often incomplete, caricatural, contradictory, and not always very encouraging. Yet, without a proper vision for the future, the present is uninhabitable. We have a vital need for scenarios that serve as tools for understanding and acting.
But who feels legitimate to write the future? On what grounds should viable scenarios be worked on, starting from places and territories?

Complementing the traditional futurology of experts, the team will survey citizens, archives, and futurists in order to build an introductory tool to prospective thinking—in order to bring about a grassroots approach that is transparent and brings together various worlds together. In order to face the complexity of the challenges at stake, collective intelligence is indeed very much required.


A group of designers and practitioners exploring the links between urbanism and ecology :

Baptiste Lanaspeze, founder of Éditions Wildproject, preeminent publisher on the subject of ecology.

Marion Schnorf, founder of Cité de l’Agriculture, which implements a vision of Marseille as a “gardening” city.

Nicola Delon, cofounder of Encore Heureux Architecte, firm that designs buildings, devices, and exhibitions (“Matière Grise” [Gray Matter] in 2014, and “Énergies Désespoirs” [Energies Despairs. A World to Repair], 2021).

Paul-Hervé Lavessière, co-founder of the Metropolitan Trails Agency, which reconnects urban dwellers to their territories.

Nicolas Détrie, founder of Yes We Camp, which has renewed transition urbanism.