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TIERS EQUIPEMENT - What esthestics are needed for a city in motion?


  A tactical street furniture system to support the transformations of the city of Paris

A tactical street furniture system to support the transformations of the city of Paris

“A debate is arising regarding the aesthetics of Paris. Indeed, the contemporary city is traversed by many situations of transformations, construction works, new uses, deep sociological change, and this is now occurring incessantly.

The completed city and the city in motion coexist, in confrontation with each other. These numerous transformations are a major source of irritations, degradations, incivilities and various incidents which are, whether we like it or not, constituents of the aesthetics of the city as much as the facades and urban furniture of the homogeneous Haussmannian ideal. How can the change that is taking place in the overall identity of the city then be taken into account? How can these changes shaped and integrated rather than being passively experienced?

NoDesign proposes treating the aesthetic dimension of transitions, the temporary, unwanted situations, their forms and their didactics. Temporary objects must also contribute to the aesthetics of Paris, to its identity, its understanding and its legibility.

To successfully complete this project, we will need to identify all the typologies of ephemeral objects, to collect the knowledge of stakeholders as well as good practices from around the world. At the end of this first stage, we will define a system of pieces of street furniture, tactical equipment and signage.

Finally, a number of solutions will be chosen for prototyping based on the results of the analysis phase. Rather than offering completed projects, these proposals will mostly serve to trigger reflections and as physical specifications. The aim is to bring the question of the city in transformation to the forefront, to draw out the proper responses that have to be given, as well as to highlight the concepts of tactical furniture and equipment and identity.” - NoDesign.net
Project by NoDesign.net

NoDesign.net is a design and innovation agency directed by Jean-Louis Frechin. It formulates and provides innovation strategies, new services, complex novel interfaces, connected devices and urban projects.


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