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FAIRE 2020

Metropolitan shelters in the greater Paris

Le voyage métropolitain, Camp de Base, Bruit du frigo

  Building observation posts for unconventional getaways

Building observation posts for unconventional getaways


“We set off for a trip to the confines of the Greater Paris, on foot, in search of oases hidden in the interstices of the big city. Over the course of a bivouac, we will rediscover the pleasure of meeting together in shelters removed from everyday life.

We will offer an architectural escape along the 600 km of the Greater Paris Metropolitan Trail, finding spots to build simple structures that we’ll be calling refuges. The shelters will act as observation posts to feel and think about the city from another standpoint. They will offer places of hospitality to inhabitants of the region, nearby residents, curious outsiders, tourists, visitors, hikers, professionals, students, day-trippers and hardened walkers.

Drawing on the experience and success of the peri-urban shelters developed around Bordeaux by Bruit du frigo and Zebra 3 since 2010, we will apply new management methods to the light shelters, make a frugal use of materials and ensure that the designs are unique and blend in perfectly well with their surroundings. This model will simply be renewed and adapted to the Greater Paris.

Basing ourselves on an initial prototype, we want to build an entire network of places to which individual narratives and collective memories can be tied to. They will shape the shared history ofterritories that are currently fragmented.”

Le voyage métropolitain is a territorial mediation collective founded in 2014. Through the creation of itineraries and collective pedestrian experiences, it questions and reveals what inhabited territories are made of.

Base Camp is an architectural firm that supports businesses and communities in bringing out the conditions for architectural and urban creation at the crossroads of ideas and techniques.

Bruit du frigo is a creative collective founded in Bordeaux in 1997 and that brings together architects, artists, urban planners, mediators and builders. Bruit du frigo carries out artistic, participatory and contextual projects in the public space, combining urban installations and scenographies, microarchitectures, collective actions and cultural events.

Le Sentier métropolitain du Grand Paris