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FAIRE 2020


Atelier +1 et Aurore

Prospective analysis on emergency accommodation centres

Prospective analysis on emergency accommodation centres


"In France, emergency accommodation centres can accommodate around 150,000 people in 3,000 establishments spread across the country. These are places of solidarity and they are crucial for the most excluded groups in society yet these centres are now all but invisible and generally placed in poorly accessible urban areas. Furthermore, they are held back by the lack of facilities, resources and knowledge.

Certain centres have now decided to reinvent themselves, as is the case of Cinq Toits in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, becoming places for learning, experimenting, and, above all, social encounters. This vast study will aim to become a practical and political tool for communication and discussion intended for social accommodation stakeholders, public decision-makers, landowners and the general public. We want to identify, map and study existing places in order to offer new perspectives by developing communication and dissemination tools and by providing architectural solutions. This sociological and spatial research is also intended to be a tool for the transformation of vacant spaces.

A+1 is a workshop at the crossroads of architecture and research supported by the charity Aurore, which was created in 1871 and accommodates, cares for and supports almost 40,000 people facing precarious situations or exclusion in their social and vocational integration. We have forged close ties with the charity, and are working together on different projects in order to create places that are intended as social laboratories and spaces for social bonding and resources. We thus want to give to see and to understand a little-known subject that is nevertheless key to the the making of the city of tomorrow, which must be united and inclusive.”

Atelier +1, César Bazin, Octave Giaume, and Inès Winckler and Aurore, William Dufourcq

At the crossroads of architecture, design, urban planning and research, Atelier +1 was born from the need for the pooling of tools, knowledge, know-how, networks of collaborators and working methodologies. The architectural approach of the workshop does not focus on form but instead puts the project manufacturing process at the forefront of its thinking.
Founded in 1871, Aurore is a non-profit organization that accommodates, cares for and supports 37,000 people facing precarious situations or exclusion in their social and vocational integration. Organized around three core missions — accommodation, care and social inclusion —, it carries out many different activities including making rounds to reach out to the homeless, welcoming them, providing accommodation and conducting social and vocational inclusion programmes.