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FAIRE 2020

Angles - Potential for the activation of urban land

Victor Maréchal, architect (VMAO) & Nicolas Lombardi, architect (NLA)

  Experimentation for the permeabilization and revegetation of Parisian thoroughfares

Experimentation for the permeabilization and revegetation of Parisian thoroughfares

“The ‘Angles’ project stems from the observation that the flow of car traffic delineates unused areas that could be transformed into new landscaped pedestrian spaces. Against the backdrop of the pandemic and the fight against urban heat islands, every single square metre that is gained on spaces dedicated to vehicular traffic counts towards making the public space less dense and more pleasing to live in.

An atlas of angles
We offer a fine and integrative methodology focused on the transformation of street corners in residential neighbourhoods into microarchitectures that are adapted to specific situations and needs. An exhaustive catalogue of residual spaces in the public domain can be prepared for every crossroads in Paris. We have chosen the north-east of Paris as a testing ground, revealing the latent potential that could be regained. Sixteen corner events totalling 420 m² of floor space are available in the Saint-Fargeau district (Paris, 20th arrondissement).

Activation prototype
As a second and final step, we propose a concrete intervention on one of the catalogued situations. The combination of several corners with various typologies offers the possibility of both creating a pedestrian layout with different scales of planted spaces, and at the same time lending more coherence to the place.” - Victor Maréchal, architect (VMAO) & Nicolas Lombardi, architect (NLA)
Project by Victor Maréchal, architect (VMAO) & Nicolas Lombardi, architect (NLA)

Architect Victor Maréchal is the founder of Paris-based VMAO (Victor Maréchal Architecture Office). His projects explore climate principles in order to create singular atmospheres at varied scales ranging from the landscape to architecture to design. Since 2017, he also teaches the architecture project at the ALICE laboratory of École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne and organizes many construction workshops.

An architecture firm founded in January 2017 in Paris, Nicolas Lombardi Architecture brings together three to five trained architects working with sole partner Nicolas Lombardi. Since graduating in 2007, Nicolas Lombardi has focused his practice towards major urban challenges. In 2011, he conducted an in-situ urban study on Montréal’s underground city funded by the EDF Diversiterre foundation.

ZEFCO, engineering consultancy
Nathalie Chappé, civil engineer (roads and utility services / external works)
SUPERVUE, Laurent Blondeau, perspectivist and architecture photographer


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