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Alexandre Moronnoz, designer

Inhalator A device to cool air based on the principle of closed-circuit, saline solution graduations

A device to cool air based on the principle of closed-circuit, saline solution graduations

Inhalator is a shared urban object for breathing and cooling, an air fountain or a cooling wall.

This “object-wall” identifies precisely the climatic conditions of a given urban space and streams a light mist to cool it and to provide a space to inhale air that has been slightly iodized to restore a more relaxed respiration.

This low-tech project is inspired by the graduation towers, or inhalatoriums, of the 17th and 18th centuries; these architectural forms open to the winds gravity-filtered saltwater through piles of branches to increase the water’s salinity and ultimately to produce salt. The principle of a closed-circuit, pump-driven fountain is used to circulate the water that trickles through the wood that forms the filter and which appropriates a site’s natural ventilation to generate a light mist.  
Project by Alexandre Moronnoz, designer

 Alexandre Moronnoz is an industrial designer and a graduate of the French National School of Industrial Design, ENSCI Les Ateliers.

His projects use the maximum amount of data to design and thus reveal an object’s form. For Moronnoz, design constitutes a process of mindfulness that contributes to the creation of our own environment.  


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