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Prize-winners 2017

25 selected projects

Discover the 25 prize-winning FAIRE projects
First accelerator of innovative urban and architectural projects

Discover the 25 prize-winning FAIRE projects
First accelerator of innovative urban and architectural projects


The Diodon, dynamic inflatable house
Félix Chameroy, Clara Chotil, Alexandre Atamian, Léo Demont, Maud Lévy, Laura Mrosla
Supervised by Nicolas Leduc, Franck Minnaërt

Fab' Brick - Manufacture of T-shirts from brick
Clarisse Merlet

IDDDEA, 3D Printing / Experiments / Architecture
XtreeE, Christian Pottgiesser Architectures possibles
Atelier climatique

Zero Energy Furniture
Furniture with changing phases for energy saving and improved comfort in buildings in the City of Paris
Raphaël Ménard & Jean-Sébastien Lagrange

Inflatable Trampoline Bridge
 Zündel Cristea workshop

Frichkit, A nomadic workshop for Carton Plein
Atelier A+1, Cézar Bazin, Octave Giaume, Inès Winckler
Carton Plein, Do Huynh

Architecture and BiodiversityCreating a new urban ecosystem
Chartier Dalix

Revegetation of work structures
Magasin général, Frédéric Leyre, Clément Carrière & Nicolas Didier

Floating ecological swimming pool
BASE, Clément Willemin, Pauline Renaud, Ulysse Blau, Kieu Mai Truong

Green island, floating ecological Demonstrator
Romain de Santis, Axel de Stampa, Sophie Picoty

A prototype in raw earth made from construction site debris
Bellastock, CRAterre, Palabres

A wealth of re-use
Architectural and programmatic strategies for the re-use of « girlded» glass from the "caterpillar" at the Centre Pompidou

Stone, the current resource on the territory of the Metropolis

Barrault & Pressacco

The challenge of Stone, Realization of an experimental cut-stone pavillion
Pierre Collective 

Véloptimo, A system of shared and recycled bikes amongst private individuals: custom-made
Acturba, Julien Langé & Marie Chabrol

2 rooms

GRAU, Susanne Eliasson & Anthony Jammes

Contributory hall
MAJMA, Martin Jaubert & Antoine Maitre, MNAi, Maya Nemeta

HOMY : Homes for the Odyssey of Metropolitan Youngsters

Bond society / Re:bond, Pierre Antczak, Christelle Gautreau & Stéphanie Morio

A tower of sports

Wagon-mouche – Development of an underground train wagon from line 6
S’il te plait Group

The tree under the water 
An installation for trees, sonometers and a watering system. A tree, an urban sculpture, a fountain
Antoine et Clément Bertin

Furniture workshop - co-creation
KOZ, Christophe Ouhayoun & Nicolas Ziesel

"Parallel Monuments": from a universal city to a city of multitudes
Sébastien Martinez-Barat, Benjamin Lafore & Florian Jomain

IUDo - 
A new model to create the city of tomorrow
Benjamin Aubry, Erwan Bonduelle & Yves Lesteven

Update Paris
Frédéric Druot, Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal 

Jean-Louis Missika 
Assistant Mayor of Paris, in charge of town planning, architecture, the Grand Paris, economic development and attractiveness

Michèle Zaoui 
Architecture and Public space Adviser, Mayor of Paris Office

Géraldine Ajax 
Director of Communications and Institutional Relations, Grand Paris Organization

Valérie de Brem
Chief Executive Officer of Élogie-Siemp

François Brouat 
Director of the Paris-Belleville Graduate School of Architecture
President of the National Schools of Architecture College

Nathalie Chazalette 
Architect, Department of Heritage and Architecture of the City of Paris 

Jean-Christophe Choblet 
Responsible for Programming, organization and experimenting with public spaces in Paris, General Secretary of the City of Paris

Serge Contat
Managing director of the RIVP

Anna Cremnitzer
In charge of Structures and Sustainable development Immobilière 3F

Jean-François Danon 
Managing director of Paris Batignolles Aménagement and of SEMAVIP

Jean-Michel Daquin
 Architect, Chairman of the Regional Council of the Order of Architects in Ile-de-France

Valérie Flicoteaux-Melling 
Architect, Deputy chairman of the Regional Council of the Order of Architects in Ile-de-France

Jean-Louis Fréchin
Director of Nodesign

Lina Ghotmeh
Architect, LG-A

Bruno Gouyette 
In charge of Projects in the city’s inner ring and revegetation of buildings, General Secretary of the City of Paris 

Marine de la Guerrande 
Architect, Deputy chairman of the Regional Council of the order of Architects in Ile-de-France

Djamel Klouche 
Architect - town planner, AUC

Alexandre Labasse 
Director of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Edith Lalliard
Director of Sponsorship, Caisse des Dépôts Group

Nicolas Ledoux
Director, Algoé Consultants

Valérie Mancret-Taylor
Deputy director of town planning of the City of Paris

Caroline Poulain
 Architect - town planner, AUC

Claude Praliaud
Director of town planning for the City of Paris

Catherine Sabbah
Journalist, Les Echos

Amina Sellali
Director of the Marne-la-Vallée Graduate School of Architecture

Antoine Viger-Kohler
Architect, TVK town planners / architects


Céline Afchain
Responsible for studies, Grand Paris Organization

Dominique Alba
Managing director, APUR

Ann-José Arlot

General Inspector, Head of the General Inspectorate of cultural affairs, Ministry of Culture and Communication

Albert Asseraf
Head of Strategy, marketing and studies, JCDecaux

Noé Basch
Founder, Lab Ingénierie

Francois Bellanger
Founder, Transit-City

Julien Beller
Founder and President, Association The 6B

Frédéric Bertrand
Research analyst, APUR

Christiane Blancot
Director of studies city and urban forms, APUR

Arnaud Boudon
Project manager global communication, Élogie-Siemp

Franck Boutté
Engineer and architect, Director Frank Boutté Consultants

Jacques Brochet
Responsable of upstream studies and estimations, RATP

Fabien Boudrieres
Project Leader, Management of debris and studies on basement pollution Artemis (AMOG project for the Grand Paris Express)

Charlotte Cauwer
Exploration branch for urban resources (PEROU)

David Chambolle
Director, EVP Engineering

Thierry Deprost
Chief Operating Officer, Palladio foundation

Chloé Dubost

Project officer, Élogie-Siemp

Elsa Durand

Project officer for the direction, EAV&T Marne-la-Vallée

Jérôme Flot

Director of heritage, Aurore association

Catherine Franceschi-Zaharia
Professor, Paris-La-Villette Graduate School of Architecture

Guillaume Hébert

Co-founder, Une fabrique de la ville

Laurence Herbreteau
Research Officer, RATP

Olivier Imbert

Directeur of project ownership, Élogie-Siemp

Christine Leconte
General Secretary, Regional Council of the Order of Architects in Ile-de-France

Olivier Leblanc

Chief Operative Officer, Élogie-Siemp

Céline Longuépée

Director of communication, Ports of Paris

Frédéric Luccioni
Assistant Director General, Semapa

Claire Minart
 Advisor - Business start-up, in-service training, learning, EAV&T Marne-la-Vallée

Sandrine Morey
Managing director, Semapa

Mehand Meziani
Research analyst, APUR

Amélie Noury
Head of Studies, APUR

Patricia Pelloux
Responsable for Sites and Infrastructures, GIP Paris 2024

Didier Perret
Responsable for territorial development, RATP

Jean-Christophe Quinton
Director, Versailles Graduate School of Architecture

Michèle Rabin-Roche

Project Manager - Direction of South Grand Paris Territory, Grand Paris Organization

Didier Rebois

Professor, Paris-La-Villette Graduate School of Architecture

Olivier Renard
Chief of Staff for Jean-Louis Missika, City of Paris

Hélène Schwoerer

Managing Director, Paris Habitation

Céline Tignol

In charge of real estate strategy and subsidiaries, Business Development, Purchases and Logistics, RATP 

Sylvie Vandenberghe
Managing Director, Housing Transport

Daniel Vaniche

Architect and engineer, Associate Director, DVVD

Anne-Marie Villot
Project Leader, APUR

Marion Waller
Urbanism and Attractiveness Advisor, Jean-Louis Missika's Cabinet, City of Paris

Juliette Zylberberg
Director of communication, Élogie-Siemp


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