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FAIRE 2020

Visual inventory of local raw materials and know-how

Timothée Gauvin and Antoine Plouzen Morvan

  Giving visibility to the supply chain of materials sourced from the Greater Paris

Giving visibility to the supply chain of materials sourced from the Greater Paris


“Our project is to show how raw materials are transformed into architectural elements. To do so, we want to create an inventory of all processing techniques. By filming these processes, we will build a knowledge base that will help architects and architecture students understand local technologies and see how craftspeople work.

We are compiling a visual inventory by meeting producers and filming how these transformations occur, with a view to ultimately turning it into a tool. These observations will serve as a basis for a knowledge of local technologies and will make it possible to anticipate collaboration possibilities with producers by getting more familiar with their trades.

To do this, we will first chart how the four core materials from the Paris region are processed: STONE, WOOD, EARTH and PLASTER.

For instance, we will observe how rock is turned into stone slabs and how a tree is turned into wooden beams. We will give accounts of the continued existence of these industries, of the fact that these trades live on, and by showing in detail the techniques involved and the opportunities for employing these local resources. Knowledge then becomes a design tool and a territory for experimentation. These films will be displayed on an interactive map to help physically locate these solution within the Greater Paris territory.”

Timothée Gauvin, architect

Timothée is an architect and lives and works in Paris. He studied at the École d’architecture de la Ville et des Territoires Paris-Est and has collaborated within European architecture firms with an approach including the exploration of materials, both pragmatically and experimentally (Herzog & de Meuron, 6a Architects, Turner Works) before establishing his own practice in Paris in 2018.

Antoine Plouzen Morvan, videographer
Antoine Plouzen Morvan is a director, editor and cinematographer. A self-taught professional, he started his career at a very young age at France Télévision, working in post-production. He then embarked on a primarily documentary approach, working with directors as well as artists or architects. He thus collaborated in works projected at Centre Pompidou, Salon de Montrouge, the Istanbul Biennale, Opéra de Paris and the Cannes Festival. He started collaborating with on the Material Memory Map project in 2019, shooting short films showing how building materials are manufactured.


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