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Updating Paris

Frédéric Druot, Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal

Updating Paris Implementation of studies and a methodology to estimate the possible development of Paris, its capacity for better living, to densify, to be calmly, strategically and durably transformed.

Implementation of studies and a methodology to estimate the possible development of Paris, its capacity for better living, to densify, to be calmly, strategically and durably transformed.

Since 2008, in parallel and in complementarity to the great intentions of the question of the size of Paris (its towers, reinvention and its attraction), the team has attempted to look at Paris, methodically and in detail, to estimate the possible development of its capacity for better living, to densify, to be transformed calmly, strategically and durably. This attentive work, making inventories and evaluations of the potential of Paris is synthesized in a publication called "PLUS Paris".

The message of the Tour Bois de Prêtre

The project to transform the Tour Bois de Prêtre in 17th district of Paris was carried out on an active site: the modification of a building of 97 lodgings into one containing 100 light, sleek, comfortable, energy-saving lodgings. Beyond this architectural metamorphosis, the prolonged studies on the capacity of the distribution of the plot (a connected plot of land) illustrated the possibility of creating 30% more new, beautiful, additional lodgings, without cutting down trees, creating additional networks or roads and without compromising or modifying the benefits of existing housing.

Paris, 1648 existing urban situations
With regard to this experience, and after an extensive inventory of 1648 existing urban organizations in Paris, made up of post-war period and 1980’s built housing, "PLUS Paris" highlights the immense stock of architectural and urban material that could be updated. Their delicate transformation is capable of supplying sustainable answers to the immediate question of housing and its accessibility. It can also answer the questions of urban population density, urban economic management, services and the environment, as well as the pleasure of living and inhabiting.

Paris, 450 000 existing and updateable lodgings, 135 possible new lodgings
Every lodging, every building, every plot of land can be increased by additional surfaces, by balconies, winter gardens, terraces to improve use and thermal comfort, notably by:
  • increasing warmed surfaces to meet the needs of the occupation rate of the existing housing,
  • increasing continuity or looking into new, aesthetic housing allowing to densify the sustained plots,
  • increasing services and facilities to create an accessible urban environment.
450 000 existing, occupied lodgings are considered and can find a level of contemporary comfort equivalent to that of the 100 lodgings in the Tour de Bois Prêtre or that of 530 lodgings transformed from the three GHI buildings in Bordeaux. 135 000 beautiful, economically accessible lodgings can be created on prepared, connected plots.

Within the "FAIRE" initiative, the team proposes to strengthen the "PLUS Paris" study by:

Phase 1
Two exemplary, feasible, project case studies in sketch phase,
- Case 1: Private property (co-ownerships for example)
- Case 2: Property of a public lessor

Phase 2
Setting up of a platform for operational research "PLUS Paris" to:
- Strengthen the "PLUS" methodology for search and projection
- Be accessible to every actor and consultant of architectural and urban projects.
- Open up to teaching through partnership with architecture, town planning, law, economy schools whether Parisian, French or Foreign.
Project created by Frédéric Druot, Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal, architects


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