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FAIRE 2019

Rebalancing Sound in the Urban Environment

Nathan Belval, chercheur

© DR Tools for modeling an operational balancing of sound

Tools for modeling an operational balancing of sound

 What will the acoustic environments of tomorrow’s cities sound like? More than simply fighting against noise, we need to adopt a high-quality approach to our sound environments. As Mariétan once quipped, “Too much silence is no more acceptable than too much noise.” For the last fifty years, sound ecology has experimented with different tools to integrate various acoustic parameters into architectural design and urban planning.
This research initiative seeks to collaborate with the inhabitants of Place Carréein Noisy le Grand to develop a system that will restore the acoustic balance of this site. The modeling of the factors constituting acoustic balance, along with the participative design, the installation, and oversight of the system will establish the basis for a highly performing method for managing an urban acoustic environment, as well as a reference tool for professionals in the fields of architecture and urban planning.
Project by 
Nathan Belval, searcher
Nathan Belval is a musician, sociologist, and urban planner. He is a cofounder of the project Vin Voix Valais in Switzerland and a member of the Collectif Environnement Sonore.
The research committee is directed by Olivier Bonin, an HDR research director at LVMT. A musician and geographer, he created LVMT’s interactive urban model project.


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