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Call for innovative projects for the city of tomorrow

FAIRE Why FAIRE? Who can participate? What support is there? What projects? Here are our answers to your questions!

Why FAIRE? Who can participate? What support is there? What projects? Here are our answers to your questions!

After two successful sessions, the Pavillon de l'Arsenal and the City of Paris, in collaboration with MINI and the renewed support of the Caisse des Dépôts, are launching their third call for innovative projects, FAIRE 2019.

Since 2017, over 25 projects have already been supported, 6 studies have been published, 18 prototypes have been experimented or are under experimentation, a digital application is currently in development. A new type of real estate promotion, whose first building permits will be delivered in 2019. With over a hundred of partners involved, FAIRE is a genuine collective lab for innovative practices.

FAIRE 2019 invites multidisciplinary teams - architects, city planners, landscapers, engineers, designers as well as architecture and design students - to share research and innovative experiments tackling major urban challenges: climate, materials shortage, new technologies, solidarity, cleanliness, mobility ....

Because there are project incubators or accelerators in all domains (internet, health, trade, tourism, biology, sport…) but none dedicated specifically to the architects and designers. 


The call for innovation projects FAIRE is open to architects, designers, “makers”, start-ups, collectives, creators both emerging or confirmed, …, and the students from Schools of Architecture  and Design as well.
Multidisciplinary teams are welcome as FAIRE is convinced that the diversity of approaches and the connections between disciplines foster innovation.

Can students or teams of students present a project?
YES. Whether they are on their own, in a team with a professor or with their class, within a laboratory or even with the whole year group, all students can present a project.

Can the same architecte, designer or team propose several projects? 
YES. FAIRE has no limit on the number of projects proposed or the number of teams from the same agency. 

Are international teams allowed to participate?
YES. Non-French teams can submit a project within the framework of the FAIRE call.


What is the amount that will possibly be assigned to research projects?
FAIRE finances or helps find the necessary funding for the selected innovative projects and programmes, whatever their scale.The amount of the financial support corresponds to each project according to the needs of the team to carry out the studies and realize them.

Does FAIRE house structure whose projects are selected?
No. FAIRE  is not an incubator for structures and does not propose a residence, but is simply a project accelerator.


What is expected from an application?
All projects will exclusively be done via the online form between the 11th of April and the 10th of June on the following site: faireparis.com

This form will ask you to specify
  • Initially: name / first name / email / status
  • Secondly: title of your project + a 3,000 character max. letter of intent. In order to enable us to better appreciate your project, you can provide in addition a PDF in A4 format (10 pages / 5Mb max), specifying the team members, your projected calendar for the study and realisation phases, the budget and the necessary means for those two phases, and also every element you deem necessary to help us better understand your project.

Must the letter of intent and the graphic documents present a “finalised” project?
No. A complete graphic depiction or finished project is not requested, as FAIRE also helps you finance both work and study phases.

Is it possible to present more documents to enable better understanding of our project?
You can present as much as you like within the limit of 10 A4 pages and 5Mb maximum.


For this third FAIRE call for innovative projects, applications are to be made on faireparis.com between the 11th of April 2018 at midday and the 10th of May 2018 at 11:59pm.


What type of projects are you particularly expecting?
FAIRE is designed to accompany, finance and produce urban objects that propose a vision, values and innovative solutions regarding the contemporary issues facing the metropolis: climate, materials shortage, new technologies, solidarity, cleanliness, mobility .... This list is not exhaustive.

Is there a limit to the number of presented projects?
NO. FAIRE has no limit… on the number of proposed projects, sites of intervention or teams from the same agency or group.

Must the project be linked to a particular site? Can the idea of the project adapt to several contexts?
Some projects may be specifically contextual, other can be more generic but all have to offer possibility to the Parisian metropolis.

What are the clauses of confidentiality and non-disclosure for the selected proposals?
The proposals selected by the jury remain confidential. They will be communicated only with the written agreement of the project leader. The members of the jury commit to the confidentiality of the projects and the deliberations.


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